KL Hop-On Hop-Off  
Double Decker Tour of Kuala Lumpur

KL Hop-On Hop-Off

KL Hop-On Hop-Off (HoHo) open top buses are a convenient way to see the famous landmarks of Kuala Lumpur.

Once upon a time it was only London that had this type of double decker bus sightseeing tour but now they can be found in dozens of cities around the world.

For tourists, particularly first time visitors to Kuala Lumpur, these buses provide an easy way of seeing many of the city’s top attractions all on one ticket. If you sit upstairs you may well get a great view of the landmark for those all-important selfies. You don’t need to hop-off if you don’t want to and you could just complete the whole tour in one go. However bear in mind it would probably take over 3 hours to complete the whole circuit of 19 stops.

Do not confuse the KL Hop-On Hop-Off with the Go-KL City Bus

KL Hop-On Hop-Off LogoWhat’s the Difference?
  • HoHo costs money, but much cheaper than getting taxis to see all these sights. Go-KL is free (or RM 1 for foreigners).
  • Being a free bus, Go-KL can get very busy. With HoHo you are sure to get a seat.
  • HoHo now has two routes with 27 stops altogether (2 of which are coming soon). Go-KL has multiple routes with 89 stops. You could see nearly all of the tourist sights by Go-KL but you would need to change buses.
  • HoHo buses run at intervals of around 20-30 minutes subject to traffic conditions. Go-KL buses run at 5 minute intervals at peak periods and every 10 minutes at other times.
  • HoHo waits for up to 10 minutes at some stops to enable passengers to take photos. Go-KL does not.
  • HoHo has a commentary (pre-recorded), Go-KL does not. 
  • HoHo buses have either a full open top or a partial open top. The enclosed deck is air conditioned. Go-KL buses are single deck (air-conditioned).
  • If you are a rich tourist you should probably ride on HoHo and leave space on Go-KL for migrant workers and KL-ites to get to work. However if you are a traveller on a tight budget then Go-KL is the one for you.

You can read more about Go-KL City Bus here.

KL Hop-On Hop-Off bus

Where Does the KL Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Stop?

KL Hop-On Hop-Off Route Map

Since August 2023 there are now 2 routes - the City Route with 14 stops and the the Garden Route with 14 stops. You can interchange from one route to the other at Sungei Wang Plaza.

Here are some of the points of interest you can visit along the way:

2024 Ticket Prices



Child (5-12 years)

24 Hours

RM 60

RM 30

48 Hours

RM 90

RM 43



Child (5-12 years)

24 Hours

RM 30

RM 20

48 Hours

RM 40

RM 25

24 Hour Family Tickets (2 adults + 2 Children) are available at RM90 for Malaysians and RM 170 for foreigners.

Age 5 Years and Below are Free

Students & Disabled Pay Child Rate.

KL Hop-On Hop-Off ticket validity starts from the time and date you board the bus. So if you hop-on at 11 am the ticket will expire at 11 am the next day (24 Hour Ticket) or day after next (48 Hour Ticket).

For overseas tourists, the 48 hour ticket is better value for money as it allows more attractions to be seen.

Operating Hours

Operates daily 9 am - 6 pm for day tours. A cheaper night tour runs at 8pm costing RM 65 for international adults and RM 30 for children. MyKad holders pay RM 35 / RM 20 respectively. Nice if you want to see the bright lights of the city and it is a little cooler.

Where to Buy Tickets

  • In the bus.
  • Online.
  • Any agents displaying their logo.
  • At the Sungei Wang Plaza kiosk (stop No. 1).


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