Top 10 Hiking Trails Near KL

Here are my suggested rankings for the Top 10 Hiking Trails Near KL.  The urban development of Greater Kuala Lumpur is rapidly sprawling in all directions but you don’t have to travel far outside Kuala Lumpur to find authentic rainforest hikes or to reach a challenging peak. There are even a couple of hiking trails within KL City boundaries.

I have done all these hikes, many of them multiple times. My rankings are based on my overall enjoyment and satisfaction of the hikes taking into account factors such as:

  • Difficulty / Exercise Value
  • Views
  • Jungle Experience
  • Accessibility

 Top 10 Hiking Trails Near KL

# 1. Bukit Broga

Height. 400m. 

Duration. 1 hour up, 30 minutes down.

Distance. 3.4 km.

Views. Excellent. The upper part of the hill is covered in lalang grass instead of trees so the views are unobstructed.

Exercise Value. This is a steep and strenuous climb but fairly short so any reasonably fit person can enjoy it.

Jungle Experience. The base of the hill (the first 15 minutes or so) is forested but you are unlikely to see much wildlife other than insects and birds.

Accessibility. At 50 km from Kuala Lumpur, this is one of the furthest hikes from the city on my list but it is easy to get to with a car. There is plenty of parking.

Safety. The path is straightforward and you can’t get lost provided you do not continue on to Gunung Tok Wan after reaching the summit of Broga. This is a popular climb so there are usually plenty of other hikers to help around if you get into difficulties. There are a lot of steep sections which can get slippery.

Cost. The hike is free but you have to pay for parking.

You can read full details here.

#2. Klang Gates Quartz Ridge (Bukit Tabur)

Height. 446m. 

Duration. 2 1/2 hours.

Distance. The entire ridge is 14 km long but the trail only covers a short portion.

Views. Superb views of KL’s famous skyline on one side and overlooking a reservoir and forest on the other side.

Exercise Value. This is an energetic and challenging hike but considered easy for experienced hikers. 

Jungle Experience. Being a quartz dyke this is unusual terrain for Malaysia with more bare rocks and open views than your usual rainforest.

Accessibility. Very close to the city, just behind Zoo Negara. 

Safety. There are steep rock faces and narrow craggy paths where care is needed. Accidents have happened. 

Cost. Hiking here is only allowed at weekends and climbers must register with a Forestry Department employee at the trailhead and pay RM 5 per person.

Find out more here.

#3. Gunung Nuang

Height. 1493m, by far the toughest hike on this list.

Duration. 11 hours for me. Some can do it quicker. One reader took 21 hours!

Distance. 19.2 km.

Views. Far reaching views from the summit if the weather is clear but for most of the hike there is endless dense jungle.

Exercise Value. This is a gruelling and exhausting hike for most people but satisfying to reach the top.

Jungle Experience. This is the real thing with mile after mile of rainforest, some river crossings, a waterfall, possible leeches etc.

Accessibility. About an hour’s drive from downtown KL.  Car park available.

Safety. No particular hazards but need plenty of water. 

Cost. Have to register with the park ranger and pay RM 1 per person.

You can read full details and find tips here.

#4. Bukit Gasing

Height. 160m.

Duration. There are a number of paths within this 100 hectare forest reserve but a typical circuit may take 1 hour 45 minutes.

Distance. Depends on your route. 5 km is a good walk.

Views. This is mostly a jungle trail but there are a couple of vantage points where views over the city can be seen. The wooden watch tower had been removed for safety reasons on my last visit.

Exercise Value. Moderate exercise but with some steep sections for those looking for a more vigorous workout.

Jungle Experience. Considering this place is surrounded by the city it has a true jungle feel with monkeys and plenty of bugs.

Accessibility. Easy. On the border between Petaling Jaya and the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur.

Safety. No particular hazards but need plenty of water. 

Cost. Free. There is a car park nearby.

Read more here.

#5. Ah Pek Hill Trail (Bukit Putih)

Height. 400m.

Duration. 2 hours or more.

Distance. Depends on your route. A full circuit including Bukit Saga could be 20km but my usual route is around 8 km.  You can extend the trail by visiting Bukit Saga Waterfall which is a popular spot at weekends.

Views. Mostly enclosed forest with no views but there are a couple of vantage points where they have constructed pylons. 

Exercise Value. Excellent exercise with some steep slopes interspersed with more level sections. There is even a ‘jungle gym’ with some rudimentary exercise equipment at one of the rest stations if you really feel the need for more exercise.

Jungle Experience. Plenty of wildlife here, monkeys and birds especially.

Accessibility. Easy. On the eastern edge of KL in Cheras district.

Safety. Stick to the main trails to avoid getting lost. I have encountered a rather threatening monkey here.

Cost. Free. There is a tiny car park. Most people park on the street. 

Read more details here.

#6. KL Forest Eco Park (Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve)

Height. 70m.

Duration. 1 hour plus.

Distance. This is a small 9 hectare park in the centre of KL with 3 short nature, jogging and trekking trails.

Views. Good views of the city. Even better from the 200m long canopy walk.

Exercise Value. Moderate exercise but you can always do more than one circuit.

Jungle Experience. Although it is small and surrounded by city development the park does act as a refuge for birds and wildlife.

Accessibility. In the heart of the city. Can even arrive by monorail.

Safety. No problems.

Cost. Free. There may be a charge for the canopy walk in the future.

See more details here.

#7. Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve 

Height. 233m.

Duration. 1 1/2 hours.

Distance. The forest reserve covers 1200 hectares but I estimate the normal loop trail is around 6 km long.

Views. The first 10 minutes has open views over suburban Puchong but after that there are no views.

Exercise Value. Good exercise with an undulating trail and one or two steep sections.

Jungle Experience. Lowland Dipterocarp forest but the large trees must have been logged long ago. I spotted a terrapin in a stream here.

Accessibility. Easy. In Puchong township, south of KL.

Safety. Like all hiking in Malaysia, stick to the main trail and bring plenty of water and insect repellent.

Cost. Free.

Read more details here.

#8. Bukit Besi Alam Damai

Height. 291m.

Duration. 1 1/2 hours.

Distance. 3 km.

Views. Very good views over looking the city on the way up and again at the summit.

Exercise Value. This is a short hike but you’re sure to work up a sweat.

Jungle Experience. There are a lot of ferns on this route and a jungly part where I saw a family of macaques.

Accessibility. Easy. Near UCSI University in Cheras.

Safety. Keep to the main trail. Care on the steep sections. Do not trespass near the communications masts at the summit.

Cost. Free.

Read full details here.

#9. Templer Park

Height. 150m.

Duration. 2 hours.

Distance. This is a massive forest reserve covering 1200 hectares but the most common trail is from the entrance to a waterfall which is around 4 km round trip.

Views. Views of waterfall, river and jungle only.

Exercise Value. A mostly flat hike but still hard work in the hot and humid conditions.

Jungle Experience. A seldom visited trail, overgrown in places, with three river crossings on zigzag bridges. A true jungle experience.

Accessibility. 20km from central Kuala Lumpur. 

Safety. Leeches, wild boars, river crossings and mosquitos are among the hazards. Getting lost is the biggest risk.

Cost. Free and free car park.

Read more details here.

#10. Chiling Waterfall

Height. 400m.

Duration. 3 hours plus time at the waterfall.

Distance. Quite far. It involves wading across a river 5 times.

Views. Views of waterfall, river and jungle only.

Exercise Value. Good exercise and a feeling of satisfaction on completion.

Jungle Experience. Real jungle with butterflies, fish, pitcher plants and monkeys among the local residents.

Accessibility. This is the most distant of these hikes from Kuala Lumpur being 20km past Kuala Kubu Bharu. It would take you a couple of hours to get there from KL.

Safety. Waterfalls are dangerous, take care. Wading waist deep through rivers should only be attempted if the fcurrent is not too strong.

Cost. RM 1 per person. Open on Friday, Saturday and Sundays only.

Read more details here.

How to get to the Top 10 Hiking Trails Near KL

I have marked the start points of each trail on this map:

 Stay Safe On Your Hiking Trails Near KL

Read my mountain climbing tips numbers 3 and 4 which are also relevant for hiking trails.

What to Wear?

While some people make do with their usual shorts, T-shirts and sandals, for safety and comfort it is worth investing in some proper gear, especially if you are going to be a frequent hiker. Sturdy, waterproof footwear, quick drying shirts, a hat and reusable drink container (so you don't have to create plastic litter) are particularly useful.  You can find a great range of comfortable and practical hiking gear with discounted prices on the PTT Outdoor website.  Enter the coupon code MT to enjoy an additional RM10 off your first purchase (minimum of RM80 applies).

Other Hiking Trails Near KL

Don’t agree with my opinions? Need more challenging hikes? Or maybe something easier?

Here are some more suggestions which did not quite make my Top 10 Hiking Trails Near KL (the last two because they are a bit far from KL):

There are also KL’s urban parks. You can find details of these here.

Hope you enjoy exploring these hiking trails near KL.

Further Afield

Looking for a challenging adventure further away from KL but still doable as a day trip?  Maybe something with a little less walking?

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