Top Perak Attractions

Top Perak Attractions

It is not easy to pick the top Perak attractions because there is so much to see and do here. Perak is one of the largest states in Peninsular Malaysia with an area of over 21,000 sq. km. stretching from just north of Selangor all the way to the Thai border.

Its scenery includes the hills of the Titiwangsa range along its Eastern edge, the unusual limestone karst towers outside Ipoh, some spectacular caves, the huge Temenggor Lake, excellent beaches and the popular resort island of Pangkor.

The historic towns of Ipoh (Perak's capital), Taiping and Batu Gajah contain some fine heritage buildings and places of interest while the Royal town of Kuala Kangsar has some interesting palaces, museums and mosques to admire. Perak was one of Malaysia's main tin mining areas and the country's only surviving tin dredge is a piece of industrial heritage that can still be visited.

Add in the Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan, the former colonial hill station of Maxwell Hill, Kellie's Castle and for families, The Lost World of Tambun, and you can see that Perak has much to offer.

Top Perak Attractions

Here are my suggestions for the Top Attractions based on those that I have visited so far. I may add more to the list as I explore further.


1. Ipoh Heritage Walk - Explore Ipoh On Foot 

Take yourself on my Ipoh Heritage Walk, a walking tour of old Ipoh. I have prepared a map and information on over 30 historic buildings and points of interest for you to explore.

Top Perak Attractions Batu Gajah

2. Batu Gajah Heritage Trail 

Batu Gajah is not nearly as famous as Ipoh but it also has a lot to offer lovers of heritage with many fine and interesting buildings surviving from the colonial era. With this map and information you can do a self-guided tour.

Top Perak Attractions Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan

3. The Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan 

The small Perak town of Teluk Intan contains Malaysia's answer to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It is an old water tower disguised to look like a Chinese pagoda and it has a distinct incline due to subsidence. Also try this Walking Tour of Teluk Intan to see more attractions.

Top Perak Attractions Pasir Salak

4. Pasir Salak Historical Complex 

This riverside compound has some attractive buildings and a museum commemorating the assassination of JWW Birch, the first British Resident of Perak.

Top Perak Attractions Tin Dredge

5. Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge 

Close to the town of Batu Gajah in Perak there is a surviving tin dredge, a colossal industrial relic from the days when Malaysia was the world’s largest tin producer. Read about it here.

Top Perak Attractions Gua Tempurong

6. Gua Tempurong 

Tempurong Cave is one of the largest natural limestone caves in Malaysia stretching over 1.5km. It is a show cave with safe walkways and illuminated to reveal its natural beauty. It is easy to get to.

Top Perak Attractions Perak Tong Temple

7. Perak Tong Cave Temple 

On the outskirts of Ipoh there are many fascinating cave temples to visit. One of the most famous is Perak Tong Cave Temple. The cave contains a 40 foot high golden Buddha and beautiful murals. Climb 450 steps for a great view of Ipoh.

Top Perak Attractions Lost World of Tambun

8. Lost World of Tambun 

This is an international standard theme park in a beautiful setting near Ipoh. In addition to slides, pools and other water-based attractions, the park has a mini zoo and hot springs.

Top Perak Attractions Kellies Castle

9. Kellie's Castle

This historic half-built palatial home for a Scottish planter is one of the top Perak attractions. You can find out about its sad history and the legends that go with it. 

Top Perak Attractions Pangkor Island

10. Pangkor Island

 This island has some of the best beaches on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia and busy fishing villages where you can stock up on ikan bilis and other seafood products.

Top Perak Attractions Banding Island

11. Banding Island 

Banding Island is an ideal base for exploring Lake Temenggor and the Royal Belum Rainforest. Definitely one of Malaysia's most beautiful areas.

Top Perak Attractions Maxwell Hill

12. Maxwell Hill (Bukit Larut)

Little has changed at Bukit Larut Resort Hill in the past 100 years. It is still a place for nature, peace and quiet and fresh mountain air.

Top Perak attractions Gaharu Tea Valley

13. Gaharu Tea Valley Gopeng

Gaharu Tea Valley is an agarwood plantation just outside Gopeng, Perak. You can tour the estate and sample their health-giving products.

Top Perak Attractions Perak Man

14. Perak Man

Visit Lenggong Valley Archaeological Gallery to see the oldest skeleton found in Peninsular Malaysia and gain an appreciation of the archaeological history of the Lenggong Valley, one of Malaysia's four UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Han Chin Pet Soo

15. Han Chin Pet Soo

Han Chin Pet Soo, which translates as Han Chin Villa, is Ipoh’s latest attraction, a fascinating museum-style exhibition in the beautifully restored Hakka Miners’ Club building. 

Kuala Kangsar Heritage Trail

16. Kuala Kangsar Heritage Trail

Take a self-guided tour around Kuala Kangsar, one of Malaysia's loveliest and most historic towns. I have identified 35 places of interest and plotted them on a map so you can explore at your leisure.

Taiping Heritage Trail

17. Taiping Heritage Trail

Taiping is Perak's most historic town. This walking tour of old Taiping covers more than 50 heritage buildings and points of interest. Definitely one of the top Perak attractions.

Enlightened Heart Buddhist Temple

18. Enlightened Heart Tibetan Buddhist Temple

Enlightened Heart Buddhist Temple is a sprawling Tibetan temple complex with a tall pagoda tucked away in a hidden valley near Ipoh. Unusual and interesting, it is well worth a visit.

19. Tua Pek Kong Temple

Tua Pek Kong Temple is an interesting Chinese temple located on the coast close to Sitiawan. 

20. River Terrapin Conservation Centre

At the River Terrapin Conservation Centre you can view the hatchery ponds and learn about river terrapins in the interpretation centre. 

21. Japanese Carbide Chimney

A rather quirky choice for a Top Perak Attraction but this chimney at Malim Nawar is all that remains of a World War Two carbide factory.

22. Lata Iskandar

Lata Iskandar is a spectacular and easy to access waterfall which you cannot miss if you are driving to Cameron Highlands via the old Tapah road.

23. Tasik Cermin

Tasik Cermin (Mirror Lake) is a stunning hidden lake surrounded by limestone karst towers. You need to walk through a quarry and a tunnel to reach it.

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Hope you enjoy discovering these Top Perak Attractions as much as I did.

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