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Menara Kuala Lumpur

KL Tower

KL Tower is the 7th tallest telecommunications tower in the world with a height of 421m (it dropped one place in the rankings following the opening of Tokyo Skytree in 2012).

Its Observation Deck is at a less impressive 276m, being situated on the lowest of the six levels in the head of the tower, but as the tower stands on top of a small hill, it still gives excellent views of Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding regions.

KL Tower's views are more spectacular than those from the Skybridge at Petronas Twin Towers but recently Petronas has opened a new viewing deck over 80 floors up so it may have taken over the number one spot for views.

KL Tower was opened to the public in 1996, nearly 5 years after construction started. It offers the same sort of visitor experience as similar towers in Seoul and Auckland which I have also visited.

The management of the KL version (it is owned by Telecom Malaysia) has done its best to maximise the Tower's tourism potential (and revenue!) by creating some add-on attractions. These are:

XD Theatre

A a 6D motion simulated thrill ride for ages 6 and above.

Blue Coral Aquarium

Colourful clown fish, sharks and other tropical sea creatures are on display in this coral-filled aquarium.

Forest in the City

The Tower is located within Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, a micro-sized rain forest in the heart of the city. It was actually gazetted as a forest reserve in 1906 meaning that it has plenty of old and large trees along its well laid-out nature trails. It is a fun place to explore for adults and kids and there is an outdoor exercise area. Entrance is free and you can even make use of a complimentary guide if you want (not that you could get seriously lost but the guide can point out animal and plant life that you might otherwise overlook.)

Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve has now been rebranded as KL Forest Eco Park and boasts an impressive new 200m canopy walk.

1 Malaysia Cultural Village

On my three visits to the KL Tower I have not yet tried the Cultural Village. It seems very touristy and a bit artificial to recreate a traditional Malaysian kampung on the roof of a multi-storey car park. But it has been done well and if you are on a short trip to KL and want to absorb as much culture as possible then give it a go.

Mini Zoo

My kids did make me go here. It is a small enclosure with an albino python and other snakes, parrots, monkeys, rabbits, spiders and so on. The entrance fee can be included with the Tower entrance ticket depending on which ticket package you opt for.

KL Tower International BASE Jump

For the really adventurous, the Tower is the venue for a base-jump event held every year or so (base-jumping is where people leap off the tops of tall buildings with a parachute). If this crazy activity is your cup of tea you can refer to the organizers' website for details.

International Towerthon Challenge

This is another annual extreme event held at the Tower where thousands of contestants run up 2058 steps to the top of the tower for pride and certificates. 

F1 Stimulator Zone

This is really just a glorified computer arcade racing game but with more realistic controls, including 3 foot pedals.

Revolving Restaurant

One floor above the Observation Deck is a Revolving Restaurant called Atmosphere360. I took my wife and some visitors there for dinner one evening. It was not cheap but the ticket included a visit to the Observation Deck. While the night view is impressive (especially the view of the spectacular Petronas Twin Towers) I think there is more to see in the daytime. Also bear in mind that if it is cloudy or raining (which happens often) there will be nothing to see at night.

There is also an Indian restaurant called Moghul Mahal which I have not tried yet.

View from the Observation Deck of KL Tower

2017 Ticket Prices & Packages

You can either buy combo packages of two or more attractions or buy single tickets for each attraction with prices as follows:


International Price RM

Adult         Child

MyKad Price RM

Adult     Child

Observation Deck

        52              31    

         32           21

Sky Deck (age 13 & above)

      105              55

         75           21

F1 Stimulator 

        13              11

         13           11

Mini Zoo 

        32               27   

         32            27

Blue Coral Aquarium

        13             11

         13          11

XD Theatre

        20            16

         20          16 

Child rates apply for kids aged 4-11.

15% off promotion for Online Purchases Only to Observation Deck or Sky Deck, Promo Code: LOVEKLTOWER

There are still a number of packages available (being run by a phone company they like to have complicated packages!):

Basic Package 

includes the Observation Deck together with one of the following:

- F1 Simulation RM 61 adult RM 40 child

- Blue Coral Aquarium RM 61 adult RM 40 child

- Mini Zoo RM 82 adult RM 56 child

- XD Theatre RM 63 adult RM 42 child

All Park Package - Adult RM117 Child RM85 (MyKad Adult RM96/Child RM75)

includes all the above attractions.

Family Package -  RM145 (MyKad  RM95)

- For 2 adults and 2 children.

There are also special rates for school trips and students.

Packages for weddings, corporate events etc. can be arranged.

Refer to their official website for details.

Opening Hours for KL Tower

The Observation Deck and other facilities are open from 9am to 10pm every day of the year.

How to Get To Menara Kuala Lumpur


Menara Kuala Lumpur

No. 2 Jalan Punchak Off Jalan P.Ramlee

50250 Kuala Lumpur


Tel: +603 2020 5444

Fax: +603 2098 7001

The location is marked on the map on my Top KL Attractions page.

Parking is available:

- Covered RM 3 per hour. After 6pm RM 5 flat rate.

- Open parking RM 7 first hour. Subsequent hours RM 8.50 flat rate.

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