Pet Friendly Hotels in Malaysia

Malaysia is a cat loving nation.

Here is my state-by-state list of pet friendly hotels in Malaysia.

It is the school holiday season and you want to take the kids for a trip. With the Malaysian Ringgit having dropped so much this year, overseas holidays seem even more expensive than usual. Many Malaysians are deciding to take vacation in their own country this year.

But what about the pets? It’s fine if you have a helper or relative who can look after your home and the pets in your absence. That’s probably the best option for the pet too except that they’ll miss you while you’re away.

Otherwise you can put the dogs in a boarding kennel or the cats in a cattery. But you know some of those places that board pets are not good. The worst ones, often located above or at the back of pet shops, just keep them locked up in a cage for nearly the whole day and don’t give them any cuddles or attention. How can you enjoy your holiday when you know that Rover or Tabatha is suffering a stretch in jail?

Cats like to have freedom, not be kept in cages.Don't leave me in here!

Some other kennels do a better job and let your pet play in an enclosure inside their premises for a few hours a day. It doesn’t suit all dogs though and there is usually no outdoor exercise provided. 

If you have no money problems there is the luxury kennel experience like Doghouse Broga, where the pets have their own villas, there is an indoor and outdoor play area, a swimming pool, grooming services and a pet taxi for pick up and drop off. This is like a canine country club but not everyone can afford it. 

So the only alternative is to take the pet(s) with you. Trouble is, Malaysia is not renowned as a pet friendly nation, particularly dogs. Pets are banned from nearly all hotels surely? Yes, that is correct but there are more pet-friendly hotels in Malaysia than you might imagine. 

Hotel rules vary but for most you have to make a request in advance if you plan to bring a pet. Some hotels apply an extra charge but for others pets are free. Dogs have to be well behaved and not the sort who will bark a lot and disturb other hotel guests. Size matters. You are more likely to be accepted with a cute miniature poodle than with a Great Dane. Owners should bring food, bowls, towels and bedding for the pets and keep them off the hotel’s beds. Dining areas of the hotel will be off limits and dogs should be kept on leashes when not in the rooms. Common sense and consideration for other guests is the order of the day.

Here is my selection of pet-friendly hotels arranged State-by-State (click on any of the hotels for details of their pet policy and to make bookings at discounted rates):


Muntri Grove Hotel, George Town, Penang accepts small pets.

Penang appears to be a pooch-friendly island. There are a number of good hotels which will accept pets:

Kuala Lumpur

Capri by Fraser allows cats only and charges a sanitation fee.


What will your pet think of Adelia Hill Farm's deer and ostriches?


Pets are allowed on request at Ohana House, Melaka at no extra charge.

Negeri Sembilan

Some of the houses at The Dusun are dog-friendly.


At 206 Sweethome pets are allowed at no extra charge (not on the bed please!).



27 Concubine Lane, Ipoh. Pets are free but concubines cost extra!

Pet Friendly Hotels in Malaysia - Kedah

The following hotels on Langkawi Island would make a great holiday for your pet but remember you have to get there first. Ferry or airplane are the only choices and these methods of transport have their own pet policies (unless you have your own private plane!).

Four Seasons Resort Langkawi accepts pets. Good for them!

Pet Friendly Hotels in Malaysia - Sarawak

Treetops Lodge, Miri - No charge for pets!

Pet Friendly Hotels in Malaysia - Sabah

Pets are welcome at this Kudat hotel.

In addition to the above hotels, there are numerous homestays and private residence style accommodation that will accept pets. You can find a list of such places on if you google ‘pet friendly hotels in Malaysia’.

Hope this guide to Pet Friendly Hotels in Malaysia is helpful. Please let me know by commenting below on Facebook or on the Contact Me page if there are any major errors or omissions.

"Bring me to the Four Seasons" says Custard.


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