Lembah Kiara Park

Lake at Lembah Kiara Park
View of Lembah Kiara Park

Lembah Kiara Park is a pretty recreational park wedged between the built up Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI) district on one side and the KL Golf & Country Club development on the other.

It is a popular urban park among families, walkers and joggers due to its close proximity to several residential communities.

Its main feature is a large lake surrounded by jogging tracks, exercise stations, childrens playgrounds and picnic spots.

I had read reports that this park was in poor condition but on my visit in August 2012 I thought it looked in good shape apart from a 'hanging bridge' (pedestrian suspension bridge over a stream) which was closed for repair.

Adjacent to the park is a densely wooded hillside with a number of hiking/jogging trails which was accessible through a gap in the fence.

This area might be what people refer to as Bukit Kiara Park. There were plenty of cycle tire tracks on the trails so it is presumably a popular location with mountain bikers.

Trail at Bukit Kiara Park
Evidence of rubber tapping
Fungus on Bukit Kiara Park trail
Mossy rock at Lembah Kiara Park

Judging by the number of scarred rubber trees and abandoned tapping cups strewn around it seems that this hillside was once a rubber plantation but now secondary jungle growth is slowly taking over.

From the crest of the hill, there was a good view eastwards overlooking the golf club towards the city centre behind.

View from Bukit Kiara
Palms in flower

Development appears to be encroaching on this green lung and walking along the trails you might suddenly come up against some expensive private residential properties, many of which are surrounded by tall fences and razor wire - like a luxury prison!

This park is a pleasant getaway from the crowded city and, if you go in midweek like I did, it is not busy.

Location of Lembah Kiara Park

The location is shown on this map.

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