Malaysian National Parks
Forest Reserves & Recreational Parks

Malaysia is a green country and locals and visitors alike love Malaysian national parks. Over 60% of its total land area is forested. There are not many countries in the world that can beat that.

It is true that Malaysia's forests are being lost at an average rate of around 100,000 hectares per year. At that rate of decline it would take 200 years for all Malaysia's forests to be gone. But there is no danger of that happening. Currently 8% of Malaysia's total land area is classified as protected and a further 8% is set aside as forest reserves. Protected areas include national and state parks, wildlife sanctuaries, wildlife reserves and marine parks.

Malaysia can boast of 25 terrestrial national and state parks (there are a further 40 marine parks) managed by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks. New areas of outstanding beauty are regularly being added to the list of protected areas, particularly peat swamps, mangrove forests and limestone habitats.

Malaysia Jungle Walk

Conservation areas range from the massive Taman Negara, a million plus acres of the world's oldest primary rainforest, to the semi-urban and man-made Taman Wetlands in Putrajaya.

The biodiversity of Malaysia's forests is immense. It is said that there are more species of trees in one hectare of Taman Negara than in the whole of North America. In addition to observing the profuse plant life you can, while on your jungle walks, look out for unusual birds, shy animals and exotic insects.

Here is a list of some of the main Peninsular Malaysian national parks and forest reserves, arranged by state (Sabah and Sarawak parks will be shown on a separate page).

Selangor and the Federal Territories (Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya)

. KL Forest Eco Park

. Kanching Forest Reserve

. Kuala Selangor Nature Park

. Malaysia Agricultural Park

. Taman Wetlands Putrajaya

. Botanical Gardens, Putrajaya


. Commonwealth Forest Park

. Paya Indah Wetlands

. Bukit Gasing Forest Park

. Bukit Jalil Park

. Sungai Gabai Waterfall

. Ampang Forest Reserve

. Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve

. Lembah Kiara Park

. Sungai Congkak Recreational Forest

. Bukit Putih


. Royal Belum State Park

. Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary

. Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve

. Sungkai Wildlife Reserve

. Temenggor Forest Reserve


. Bukit Panchor State Park

. Penang National Park

. Bukit Mertajam Recreational Park


. Pedu Lake

. Ulu Muda Forest Reserve

. Bukit Hijau Recreational Forest


. Perlis State Park

. Bukit Ayer Recreational Forest


. Gunung Stong State Park


. Tasik Kenyir

. Bakau Tinggi Recreational Park

. Rantau Abang Turtle Sanctuary


. Taman Negara

. Kenong Rimba Park

. Tasik Bera

. Lata Jarum & Pulau Chekas


. Endau Rompin National Park

. Tanjung Piai National Park

. Pulau Kukup

. Gunung Ledang National Park

Negeri Sembilan

. Lenggeng Recreational Forest


. Sungai Udang Recreational Forest

And here is an interactive map I compiled showing all the locations of the above parks. As you can see, wherever you are in Peninsular Malaysia, you are never far from a Malaysian National Park or State Park or Forest Reserve.

View Conservation Areas - Peninsula Malaysia in a larger map

I have visited many of these places already. The remainder are on my 'must visit' list for the coming weeks and months. I will add a fresh page onto the website whenever I visit a new place.

Click on the links below to read reviews of my visits to Malaysian national parks, rainforests and other conservation areas.

KL Forest Eco Park

KL Forest Eco Park

The only remaining tropical rainforest within Kuala Lumpur city limits, this park now boasts an impressive new canopy walk.

Taman Negara

Taman Negara

You don't have to pay for an expensive package tour to explore Taman Negara, the top of Malaysian national parks. Learn from my independent trip here.

Kuala Selangor Nature Park

Kuala Selangor Nature Park

Kuala Selangor Nature Park is made up of mangrove forest, mud flats and secondary forest habitats and is a sanctuary for many bird and animal species.

Gunung Ledang

Gunung Ledang National Park

Gunung Ledang National Park has attracted naturalists since 1854. Even if you don't climb the fabled mountain itself, the Puteri Waterfalls are worth a visit.

Kuala Gandah

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary

At Kuala Gandah you can hand feed elephants, enjoy a bare back elephant ride and give them a scrub-down in the river.

Kanching Forest Reserve

Kanching Forest Reserve.

At Kanching you can swim in clean waterfall pools or picnic and walk in a lush rainforest setting.

Commonwealth Forest Park

Commonwealth Forest Park

Access to Commonwealth Forest Park has been made difficult by road works but there is still a resort with activities and accommodation available there. 

Taman Wetlands

Taman Wetlands, Putrajaya.

A walk or bike ride around Putrajaya's Taman Wetlands makes a pleasant day out. Learn how this eco-tourism destination acts as the kidneys of Putrajaya.

Taman Wawasan

Taman Wawasan, Putrajaya

Taman Wawasan is a beautifully landscaped park next to the lake in the heart of Putrajaya. It is a great place to walk, jog, cycle or just relax.

Taman Warisan

Taman Warisan, Putrajaya

Taman Warisan is a great park to see a wide variety of tropical fruit trees, herbs and spices, rubber and other commercial crops. You can get a good meal here too!

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens, Putrajaya.

I never get tired of visiting Putrajaya Botanical Gardens, my favourite park in Putrajaya. If you like tropical plants and trees you will love it too.


Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM).

Experience a bird's eye view of a Malaysian rainforest with the FRIM Canopy Walk, close to Kuala Lumpur. Details, photos and directions here.

Paya Indah

Paya Indah Wetlands.

Paya Indah Wetlands is a wildlife conservation area with a checkered history but it's improving. Read the findings of my June 2011 visit.

Lenggeng Recreational Forest

Lenggeng Recreational Forest

Lenggeng Recreational Forest is a small nature park set in the unspoilt countryside of Negeri Sembilan. It has a nice waterfall but the facilities need refurbishment.

Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve

Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve

An enjoyable circular hike amid unspoilt rainforest awaits on the southern fringe of Kuala Lumpur. Details and photos here.

Bukit Gasing Forest Park

Bukit Gasing Forest Park

Enjoy nature and hiking at Bukit Gasing Forest Reserve in the suburbs of KL. No need to drive miles for a good jungle workout. Map and details here.

Bukit Jalil Park

Bukit Jalil Park

Bukit Jalil Park is a pleasant place to picnic, relax and exercise on the southern edge of Kuala Lumpur. Location map, opening hours and details here.

Malaysia Agricultural Park

Malaysia Agricultural Park.

It would take days to see everything at Malaysia Agriculture Park, a huge park with paintball, extreme challenges, spice gardens, arboretum, animal park and much more.

Bukit Putih

Bukit Putih

Bukit Putih, also known as Ah Pek Hill Trail, is a good place to hike in the jungle at Cheras, near Kuala Lumpur. See map, photos and details here.

Sungai Gabai Waterfall

Sungai Gabai Waterfall

At Sungai Gabai Waterfall you can cool off in the chilly cascades and enjoy natural surroundings and fresh air only a short drive from Kuala Lumpur.

Ampang Forest Reserve

Ampang Forest Reserve

Ampang Forest Reserve is a small park in a scenic valley on the eastern fringes of KL. Temporarily closed following flood damage in March 2012.

Lembah Kiara Park

Lembah Kiara Park

Lembah Kiara Park and the adjacent trails are a pleasant place to play, bike and exercise in the heart of the city.

Lata Jarum

Lata Jarum & Pulau Chekas

Lata Jarum is a pleasant waterfall in attractive countryside. See videos of boys jumping into the cascade pool.

Sungai Congkak

Sungai Congkak

Sungai Congkak is a pleasant place to picnic and bathe in natural pools amid unspoilt forest. Chalet prices and details here.

Tanjung Piai

Tanjung Piai

Standing at Tanjung Piai you can claim to be the southern most person in the whole of mainland Eurasia. Read my review of this southernmost of Malaysian national parks.

Hutan Rekreasi Sunga Udang

Sungai Udang Recreational Forest

A 335 acre permanent forest reserve of mainly lowland dipterocarp trees with a rich variety of flora and fauna. Within easy distance of the city of Melaka.

More Malaysian National Parks, recreational forests and forest reserves will be reviewed and added to this list shortly.

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