Lata Jarum & Pulau Chekas

Lata Jarum is a popular recreational forest with a waterfall and several cascades  on a clean and cool river.

It is located around 14km from the village of Dong and 35km from Raub on the road towards Kuala Lipis.

After turning off the main road (Highway 8) the route takes you through attractive rural countryside and kampungs.

Lata Jarum
Lata Jarum
Lata Jarum

Photos: Watch your step when crossing the bridge.

There are a few chalets here as well as toilets, surau and a ranger's office. Jungle treks can be arranged from here and if you are lucky you might be able to see (and smell) the rare Rafflesia flower.

Entrance to the park is free and parking is available. You can contact the local forestry office for more details on 09-3551060.

During my visit in January 2013, young boys lacking parental supervision were performing dangerous stunts next to the waterfall by jumping from the rocks into a pool at the foot of the fall.

You can see a couple of examples in these short videos:

Pulau Chekas

Just 2 kilometres before Jarum Waterfall is another recreational spot, Pulau Chekas, where the river has divided into two to form a small island in the middle. This island has been landscaped and has a couple of small slides where children can bathe in the river which is relatively calm and shallow. There are also chalets available for rent here.

Quite a nice place for a family picnic. Entrance is free. Parking on the road costs RM1.

Pulau Chekas
Pulau Chekas


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