Orang Asli

The Orang Asli are the indigenous minority peoples of Peninsular Malaysia. Orang Asli can be translated as the original people. 

There are 18 tribes grouped under three categories according to their different languages and customs: Negrito (or Semang), Senoi and Aboriginal Malay (or Proto-Malay). According to the Center For Orang Asli Concerns they numbered 178,197 in 2010 or just 0.6% of the national population. The population breakdown by sub-groups as at December 2003 was as follows:


  • Kensiu   232
  • Kintak   157
  • Jahai   1,843
  • Lanoh   350
  • Mendrik 164
  • Batek   1,255

Total 4,001


  • Semai      43,892
  • Temiar     25,725
  • Jah Hut      5,104
  • Che Wong    664
  • Mah Meri   2,986
  • Semaq Beri 3,545

Total 81,826

Aboriginal Malay

  • Temuan 22,162
  • Semelai   6,418
  • Jakun    27,448
  • Orang Kanaq 83
  • Orang Kuala 4,067
  • Orang Seletar 1,407

Total 61,585

Grand Total          147,412

Orang Asli villages can be found all over Peninsular Malaysia with Pahang, Perak and Kelantan having the largest number of these villages.

There are three museums dedicated to the Orang Asli where you can find out more:

The following museums also include indigenous people galleries:

Places near KL where tourists can encounter and experience Orang Asli culture include:

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