Wat Prachumthat Chanaram
Thai Buddhist Temple in Tumpat, Kelantan

Wat Prachumthat Chanaram (also spelt Canaram) is an attractive Thai-style Buddhist temple in the northern Tumpat district of Kelantan, just a few kilometres from the Thai border. 

On Google Maps, the temple has an additional title, Pho Than Neang.

Parts of this spacious temple compound are said to three centuries old yet new buildings are still under construction.

The entrance to the main hall (Dewan Dhamma) is guarded by a pair of golden seven headed naga statues. 

The architecture is mostly Thai-style while one of the pavilions is more Chinese looking. 

There is a teak house which was probably imported in pieces from Thailand. It looks in need of some renovation.

There is also a bronze elephant-headed Ganesh statue, a deity revered by Buddhists as well as Hindus. In the background you can see a two story block housing a columbarium with recesses to store the ash-filled urns of deceased monks and worshippers.

Other statues include a four headed deity, a Maitreya Buddha, various meditating monks and holy men, a kneeling elephant and a golden Buddha seated outdoors under a canopy.

You may be able to obtain a vegetarian meal here, although on my early morning visit there was nobody around. This temple appeared to be less geared up for tourists than some of the others nearby but that adds to its charm.

Buddhist temple compounds are animal-friendly environments and families of dogs often take refuge in them. There were a number of playful puppies wandering around when I visited.

 How to Get to Wat Prachumthat Chanaram

By Road

The location is marked on the interactive map on the Top Kelantan Attractions page.

GPS co-ordinates: 

6°11'00.7"N 102°06'31.2"E

6.183515, 102.108676


Jalan Kota Bharu - Pengkalan Kubor, Kampung Jubakar, 16210 Tumpat, Kelantan

Telephone: 019-981 3769, 09-721 1463

There is plenty of free parking and entrance to the temple is free. Donations are always welcome.

By Train

Tumpat is the final station on the Jungle Railway. If you arrive by train, the station is about 10 km from the temple so you would need a bus or taxi.


There are another couple of Thai temples across the street:

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