Malaysian Mosques
Part 2

Welcome to Malaysian Mosques Part 2.

This continues my selection of Malaysian Mosques which are, in my opinion, visually appealing, architecturally significant or historically important. I took all of the photos myself of these Malaysian mosques which caught my eye during my never-ending travels around Malaysia.

For Part 1, click here.

Non-Muslims are welcome to visit many of these mosques outside of prayer times provided they dress and behave appropriately.

26. Masjid Jamek Ar-Rahman, Kuala Kubu Baru

This is the main mosque at Kuala Kubu Baru in an attractive blue and white colour scheme with golden domes.

27. Al Hidayah Mosque, Ampang Pecah, Kuala Kubu Baru

The Al-Hidayah mosque at Ampang Pecah has an unusual minaret bearing the date 1926 (1344) and it sits alongside a river. 

28. Masjid Batu Gajah, Batu Gajah

This modern mosque with a golden dome is the main mosque in Batu Gajah.

29. Pasir Salik Historical Complex Mosque, Pasir Salik

Pasir Salak Historical Complex is a pleasant compound of traditional Malay buildings which together form a museum alongside the Perak River about 50 kilometres south of Ipoh. The original mosque was burnt down by the British on 5 November 1875 in retaliation for the assassination of the British Resident of Perak, JWW Birch.

30. Old State Mosque, Kuching

There has been a mosque on this site since 1847 but the current building dates from 1968. It served as State Mosque until a new one was built on the northern side of the river in 1990

31. Masjid Wilayah, Kuala Lumpur

This major mosque was opened in October 2000 and can accommodate 17,000 worshippers. Its grand design is reminiscent of some of the famous mosques in Istanbul.

32. Kampung Hulu Mosque, Melaka

Kampung Hulu Mosque was built by Chinese Muslims in 1720. This makes it one of the oldest surviving mosques in Malaysia and accounts for its distinctive Malay/Chinese architectural style which is far removed from the typical Middle Eastern influenced design. Its features include a drum tower and a pair of old cannons. It is believed that the drum was used to summon the faithful to prayer in the days before the loud speaker.

33. Masjid Asy Syakirin, Kuala Lumpur

This mosque is located in KLCC park and was completed in the1990s. Its covered courtyard area is spacious, cool and calm and ideally suited for Malaysia’s hot and humid climate.

34. Kampung Kling Mosque, Melaka

This Indian Muslim mosque has a pagoda-shaped minaret and incorporates Malay, Sumatran, Chinese, Hindu and European influences in its design.

35. Pulau Sebang/Tampin Mosque, Tampin

This elegant new mosque has some typical Malaccan touches in the design of its roof.

36. Masjid Jamek, Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur

With origins in the 1880s, this building serves as the main mosque in Kampung Baru. Its archway is beautifully decorated with blue tiles bearing traditional Islamic patterns and calligraphy.

37. Kapitan Keling Mosque, George Town

Kapitan Keling Mosque was established in 1801 primarily as a mosque to serve the Indian Muslim community. Its attractive mughul architecture and landscaped grounds make it a popular place to photograph although non-Muslims are not permitted to enter without special permission. 

38. Acheh Street Mosque, George Town

Acheh Street Mosque, or Masjid Melayu Lebuh Acheh, was built in 1808 by Tengku Syed Hussain bin Abdul Rahman Aideed for the Straits Arab community who originated from Hadhramaut (Yemen). The mosque's octagonal minaret includes an unusual circular window which was said to have been caused by a cannonball fired during the Triad riots of 1867.

39. Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque, Putrajaya

This splendid mosque was completed in 2009 and has a stainless steel dome. It is even bigger than the nearby Putra Mosque. Other special features are that it s cooled by a gas district cooling system, it has no minaret and it uses ultrasonic technology to rep

40. Masjid Jamek, Seremban

This pretty red mosque has a pagoda shaped minaret and a central tower in the Malaccan style instead of a dome. The inscription above the entrance to the tower dates the construction to 1924.

41. Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque (Blue Mosque) Shah Alam

This is Shah Alam’s most famous landmark and can be seen from almost anywhere in the city thanks to its massive minarets and dome. Its minarets are 142 metres tall and were among the world's tallest when the mosque was first constructed. 

42. Masjid Al-Hana, Kuah, Langkawi

This mosque dates from 1959 and features four gold coloured onion domes surrounded by multiple smaller peach coloured domes.

43. Masjid Tanah, Melaka

The small town of Masjid Tanah is named after a mosque built from mud by a Sheikh from Gujarat around 1800. The original mosque was seemingly demolished but rebuilt in 1951.

44. Masjid Tanjung Kling, Melaka

This attractive mosque is located at the village of Tanjung Kling, close to the tomb of Hang Tuah.

45. Masjid Jelatang Alor Gajah, Melaka

This modern mosque has the pagoda style roof line often seen in Melaka.

46. Madrasathul Gothiyyah Surau, Brickfields, KL

A mosque and madrassa built in the 1980s catering mostly to Indian Muslims.

47. National Mosque, Kuala Lumpur

The roof of the National Mosque was inspired from the form of the royal umbrella.

48. Kota Kinabalu City Mosque

Surrounded by a lagoon, this mosque is nicknamed ‘the floating mosque’. It was officially opened in 2000 and its design is inspired by the Nabawi Mosque in Medina. 

49. Darul Quran Mosque, Kuala Kubu Baru

This mosque is attached to a religious institution in KKB.

50. Al Azim Mosque, Melaka

This is Melaka’s state mosque. It was completed in 1990. The architectural style is said to be a combination of Javanese and Chinese influences. The 188 feet high minaret is five sided, representing the five tenets of Islam.

51. Sultan Ismail Petra Silver Jubilee Mosque, Rantau Panjang

Unusually for Malaysian mosques, this one is designed in traditional Chinese architectural style which is why is is also known as the Chinese Mosque or Beijing Mosque. It is located at Rantau Panjang in Kelantan, close to the border with Thailand.

52. Masjid Al Wataniah, Kampung Pasir Panjang Laut

This mosque, in the Perak coastal village of Pasir Panjang Laut near Sitiawan, caught my eye because of its unusually large star and crescent moon symbol atop the minaret.

53. Masjid Ulul Albab, Seberang Jertih

This handsome mosque near Jertih in Kelantan has a beautiful orange tiled multi-tiered roof typical of Kelantan traditional architecture.

54. Masjid Sultan Abdul Samad, KLIA

This spacious mosque close to Kuala Lumpur International Airport has a number of impressive blue tiled domes.

55. Menara Lama Surau Tengkera, Melaka

Menara Lama Surau Tengkera is a minaret built in 1728 making it the oldest surviving Islamic building in Melaka and possibly in the whole of Malaysia. 

56. Masjid Tranquerah, Melaka

Masjid Tranquerah, on Malacca’s historic Jalan Tengkera, is one of the oldest and most beautiful mosques in Malaysia.

57. Masjid Al Alami, Melaka

This colourful and distinctive mosque can be found at the MITC district of Ayer Keroh, Melaka.

58. Masjid Qariah, Ulu Beranang

This attractive wooden mosque is located in Lenggeng, Negeri Sembilan.

59. Masjid Ihsaniah Iskandariah, Padang Rengas, Perak

Masjid Ihsaniah Iskandariah is a unique mosque near Kuala Kangsar dating from the 1930s and made from wood and woven bamboo panels. 

60. Masjid Tinggi, Bagan Serai, Perak

Masjid Tinggi Bagan Serai is an unusual wooden mosque built in 1897 and said to be inspired by mosque designs in Banjarmasin, Indonesia.

61. Tanjung Bungah Floating Mosque, Penang

Another of Malaysia's 'floating' mosques. This one was officially opened in March 2007, located on the beachfront at Tanjung Bungah on Penang island 

62. Masjid Al Abrar Semabok, Melaka

This eye-catching mosque is over 100 years old and is located at Kampung Semabok on the outskirts of Melaka City.

63. Masjid Jamek Laksamana Hang Tuah, Melaka

This mosque is located at Kampung Duyong, the supposed birthplace of Malaysia’s historical hero Hang Tuah. According to Tourism Malaysia the original mosque on this site was built in 1850 while the minaret dates from 1908. It has been rebuilt and repaired several times since with the most recent restoration taking place in 2002 under the supervision of the Museums and Antiquities Department in order to conserve the building’s traditional architecture and heritage. A gazebo in the corner of the mosque’s compound contains a large drum, traditionally used by some mosques in Melaka state for the call to prayer. You will pass this mosque if you visit the nearby Hang Tuah Centre and Perigi Hang Tuah.

64. Masjid Al-Falihin, Kampung Alai, Melaka

This photogenic mosque at Kampung Alai in Melaka state originally dates from 1890 and it was since renovated in 1925, 1979, 1981 and 1986. 

65. Masjid Assyakirin, Kampung Sempang, Melaka

This is another mosque with drums for the call to prayer, located near Merlimau, Melaka.

This completes Part 2 of my list of Malaysian Mosques. For Part 1 click here. Of course there are hundreds more. I may add a few more to this list in due course.

If you now think you can recognise all these Malaysian Mosques you can try my Malaysian Mosques Quiz to test your skills.


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