Entopia Penang Butterfly Farm

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Entopia Penang Butterfly Farm is a giant glass-house conservatory where butterflies flutter freely amid beautifully landscaped lush tropical gardens which are also home to a selection of reptiles and other small creatures. In design it is reminiscent of Singapore's Flower Dome though somewhat smaller. The exterior is made up of a massive green wall, or vertical garden, the largest of its kind in Malaysia.

entopia penang interior

Entopia was officially opened in 2016. It replaced the old Penang Butterfly Farm which I remember visiting back in the 1980s. I enjoyed the old place but the new makeover puts it in a class above all the other butterfly farms in Malaysia and elsewhere.

entopia penang butterflies

Entopia is divided into two main sections, Natureland and Cocoon:

entopia penang lizards

Natureland the main 'outdoor' glasshouse area with waterfalls, artificial caves, gardens and trails where the live butterflies are free-flying and you can view the reptiles and other critters. These include frogs, spiders, snakes, koi, catfish, monitor lizards, iguanas, leaf insects, stick insects and alligator snapping turtles.

entopia penang naturelandSeemingly butterflies have been known to drink the salty tears of caiman.

Butterflies you might spot here include Great Mormon, Raja Brooke's Birdwing, Chocolate Albatross, Chocolate Grass Yellow, Archduke, Autumn Leaf, Clipper Butterfly, Magpie Crow, Palm King, Plain Nawab and Striped Blue Crow. 

entopia penang pupaeThese pupae seem to have scary goblin faces!

Cocoon is a two story indoor 'discovery centre' targeted especially at younger visitors where you can learn about the life cycle of butterflies and the diversity of butterfly eggs, see how Entopia runs a successful butterfly breeding programme and lots more besides. Entopia exports butterfly pupae to over 50 zoos and butterfly sanctuaries around the world.

entopia penang cocoonBugs Ready for Export

Opening Hours

Open from 9am to 6pm (last entry is at 5pm).

Closed on Wednesdays.

Various activities take place at intervals during the day top enhance the visitor experience. These comprise:

  • Nature Talks
  • Vita Nova (releasing newly emerged butterflies)
  • Bug Exploration
entopia penang mall for bugsDowntown Entopia is a kind of mall for bugs showing how they build their homes, the food they eat, mating habits etc. It's quite clever!

2024 Admission Fees & Packages

Standard Ticket Prices

  • Adult (Ages 13 to 59) RM 75 MyKad RM 65
  • Child (Ages 4 to 12) RM 55 MyKad RM 45 
  • Senior Citizen (Ages 60 and above) RM 55 MyKad RM 45
  • Free Entry for children aged 3 and below and individuals with disabilities (with valid OKU ID).

Deals are sometimes available on their  official website.

Family Package Deal

  • 2 Adults + 2 Children/Seniors RM 238 MyKad RM 202
  • 2 Adults + 3 Children/Seniors RM 282 MyKad RM 238
  • 2 Adults + 4 Children/Seniors RM 326 MyKad RM 274
  • 2 Adults + 5 Children/Seniors RM 370 MyKad RM 310
  • 2 Adults + 6 Children/Seniors RM 414 MyKad RM 346
entopia penang scarab beetleScarab Beetle Pupa

How To Get to Entopia Penang Butterfly Farm

The exact location is marked on this map:


Entopia Penang Butterfly Farm

830 Jalan Teluk Bahang

Pulau Pinang, 11050


Hotline: (6013) 4252 830


5.447621, 100.214994

entopia penang gift shopEntopia Gift Shop



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