Tree Top Walk Sungai Sedim
 Kulim, Kedah

Tree top Walk Sungai Sedim

Tree Top Walk Sungai Sedim is the world’s longest rainforest canopy walk with a length of 925 metres and a height of 26 metres up above the forest floor at its highest point. The walkway follows a roughly rectangular shape and crosses the river twice.

Tree Top Walk Sungai Sedim

It is located in the unspoilt scenery of Sungai Sedim Recreational Park, about 30 minutes drive from the town of Kulim in Kedah.

It took 14 months to build and was completed in March 2005. It is a substantial structure made from steel pylons and trusses which together weigh a massive 422,214 kg according to a notice in the ticket office.

Tree Top Walk Sungai Sedim
Tree Top Walk Sungai Sedim
Tree Top Walk Sungai Sedim

Some might argue that this is more like a pedestrian suspension bridge and not a proper canopy walk since it is not attached to the trees. However it does provide a bird’s eye view of the roof of the forest and, since it is self-supporting, it does not damage the trees. Also, even though the walkway is made of a sturdy steel grille, it does sway and wobble somewhat which children will enjoy although some vertigo sufferers might find this disconcerting. 

Here is a quick video to give you an idea of what to expect.

Canopy Walks in Malaysia

Malaysia must be the canopy walk capital of the world. 

Canopy walks have become popular eco tourism attractions in countries such as South Africa, Australia, Costa Rica and USA but no country on earth can compare with Malaysia when it comes to the sheer number and size of rainforest canopy walks.

So far I have come across 10 canopy walks in Malaysia. These are:


Tree Top Walk Sungai Sedim   

Taman Negara                       

Mulu National Park                

Danum Valley, Sabah              

Penang National Park              

Bukit Gemok, Tawau               

KL Forest Eco Park                  

Poring, Sabah                      

FRIM, Selangor                     

Rainforest Discovery Centre, Sabah 

Length (m) 











Height (m)











Let me know if I have missed any out.

Sungai Sedim

Other Attractions at Sungai Sedim

Hiking. According to a map next to the Tree Top Walk, there is a trail to Gunung Bintang, 1862 m, via Lata Riau. The distance shown is a very challenging 14.2 km (one way). 

Another trail passes a number of Lubuk (swimming holes) including the intriguingly named Lubuk 3 Beradik (three sisters).

White Water Rafting. The turbulent Sungai Sedim offers exciting white water rafting opportunities for the adventurous. 

Abseiling & Paint-balling. Various fun or team-building type activities such as all-terrain vehicles, abseiling, paint-balling, fishing, camping etc can be arranged here. The canopy walk is ideal for birding enthusiasts and butterfly lovers

Abseiling wall at Sungai Sedim

Opening Hours & Admission Charges

The Tree Top Walk is open daily from 9am to 4.30pm, weather permitting.

Entrance is RM12 for adults and RM6 for children aged 7 - 17.

Non MyKad RM 20 for both adults and children

Parking RM 2 per person.

How to Get to Tree Top Walk Sungai Sedim

The location of Tree Top Walk Sungai Sedim is shown on this map.

If you are driving, find the K115 highway between Kulim and Mahang and look out for signs to Sungai Sedim not far from Karangan.

Chalets at Sedim Rainforest ResortChalets at Sedim Rainforest Resort


There is a resort located next to Tree Top Walk, the Sedim Rainforest Resort. They have chalets (look very nice), dormitory accommodation and camping facilities. They also arrange activities and team building packages. Details of these activities can be found on their website.


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