Penang Murals
Locations of Street Art in George Town, Penang

Penang Murals. George Town, Penang has become famous in recent years for its whimsical street art and murals, transforming drab and tatty shophouse walls into tourist attractions in their own right. Other towns in Malaysia, such as Ipoh and Melaka, have noticed Penang's success and have installed their own versions.

street wall mural portraying traders in PenangThis mural on Victoria Street has transformed a very scruffy wall into a work of art.

Here are some examples of the murals which come in two styles:

  • Cartoon or caricature images made from wrought-iron rods sculptures each telling something about the particular neighbourhood where the sculpture is located. There are 52 of these steel-rod sculptures scattered around the UNESCO core and buffer zones of downtown George Town. These designs won a competition set by the Penang State Government in 2009 to decorate public spaces in George Town and to brand Penang as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
Coppersmith Street mural in PenangThis mural on Armenian Street comments on how old brass and copper making trades have been replaced by recycling glass, tin and newspapers.
Armenian Street wire sculpture, PenangAnother mural on Armenian Street.
Cintra Street wire mural, PenangThis humourous Spy vs. Spy mural hints at how Cintra Street was home to Japanese brothels and Japanese spies in the early 20th century.
Jalan Sungai Ujong mural, PenangThis wrought-iron mural on Jalan Sungai Ujong incorporates a fire hydrant into the image.
  • Painted murals by renowned and lesser known artists. Some of these murals incorporate real life objects like bicycles, chairs and fire hydrants into the painting to give a 3D effect. The most famous mural is probably 'Kids on Bicycle' by Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic. New ones are springing up all the time.
Ernest Zacharevic bicycle mural, Penang'Kids on Bicycle' by Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic
Banksy style mural in PenangA budding Banksy has painted this grafitti-style artwork on the wall of Campbell House Hotel.

Locations of Penang Murals

You can find more examples with information on the artists on Penang Global Tourism's website.


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