Malaysian Exports

Here are some statistics on Malaysian exports.

According to the CIA World Facebook, in 2017 Malaysia exported US$ 188 billion worth of products making it the 28th largest exporter in the world in that year. The main export markets were Singapore (15.1%), China (12.6%), USA (9.4%), Japan (8.2%), Thailand and Hong Kong.

What are the top Malaysian exports?

  • semiconductors and electronic equipment
  • palm oil
  • petroleum and liquefied natural gas
  • wood and wood products
  • rubber
  • textiles
  • chemicals
  • solar panels

Breaking these groups into Malaysia's most in-demand export products reveals the following top ten (in US$ billions)

  1. Integrated circuits/micro-assemblies  $44.8bn
  2. Processed petroleum oils                            $14.9bn
  3. Petroleum gases                                                $10.7bn
  4. Solar power diodes/semi-conductors   $8.7bn
  5. Palm oil                                                                    $8.3
  6. Crude oil                                                                 $7.0bn
  7. Computers, optical readers                        $6.6bn
  8. Unrecorded sound media                            $4.3bn
  9. Clothing, accessories, rubber                    $4.2bn
  10. Phone system devices                                   $4.0bn

Malaysia is a competitive manufacturing location, ranking 27th out of 141 economies on the Global Competitiveness Index 2019 released by the World Economic Forum and second only to Singapore among Southeast Asian nations.

Malaysia is strong in the electronics industry with many multinational integrated circuit manufacturers having operations established here since the 1970s. Malaysia's advantages include a talented and well-educated workforce, competitive labour costs, established supplier networks, a strong legal and regulatory system providing protection of intellectual property rights, excellent trade logistics, road network, port facilities and air freight capabilities, various tax incentives and a supportive government.


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