Islamic Civilization Park
Taman Tamadun Islam

Islamic Civilization Park

One of Terengganu's most popular attractions is the Islamic Civilization Park (Taman Tamadun Islam) featuring scaled-down replicas of 22 famous monuments from the Islamic world.

It was opened in 2008 on an island in the Terengganu River just 1.2km from the Terengganu State Museum on the outskirts of Kuala Terengganu city.

The park claims to provide 'edutainment' and visitors can learn about the spread of Islamic civilization by marvelling at the detailed replicas of 22 famous mosques and tombs from around the world.

Replica Kalyan Minaret at Islamic Civilization Park

The 22 Islamic architectural wonders recreated in the park are:

- National Mosque, Malaysia

- Kudus Al Minar, Indonesia

- Pattani Mosque, Thailand

- Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque, Brunei

- Taj Mahal, India

- Badshahi Mosque, Pakistan

- Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

- Grand Mosque of Samara, Iraq

- Lutfallah Mosque, Iran

- Mausoleum of Abu Nasr Parsa, Afghanistan

- The Sacred Mosque, Saudi Arabia

- Aleppo Citadel, Syria

- Mohammad Ali Mosque, Egypt

- The Prophet's Mosque, Saudi Arabia

- Suleyman Mosque, Turkey

- Al Hambra Citadel, Spain

- Kalyan Minaret, Uzbekistan

- Agadez Grand Mosque, Niger

- Kul Sharif Mosque, Russia

- Minaret of Xian, China

- Sultan Mosque, Singapore

- Great Mosque of Qairawan, Tunisia

The park also contains a water wheel and a 3D cinema screening a virtual hajj.

Crystal Mosque at Islamic Civilization Park

On the same island, but outside the perimeter of the Monument Park is the famous Crystal Mosque, a convention centre, a shopping arcade, food court and river cruise jetty.

There is also a lake with paddle boats and a river cruise.

Guest houses which can accommodate 6 - 7 guests each are available for rent at about RM400 - RM450 per night.

Opening Hours

9am - 7pm (ticket counter closes at 6pm) Fri*, Sat, Sun, Public & School holidays

*Closed during  Friday Prayers from 11.30am to 3.30pm.

10am - 6pm Mon, Wed, Thu (ticket counter closes at 5pm)

Closed on Tuesdays.

 2024 Admission Charges

Various packages are available for groups and families, some of which include a river cruise and meal options. See the park's official website for details. Or you can call their ticket counter on +609-627-8888.

Basic admission to the Monument Park only is:

Adults (RM20), Senior Citizens (RM16), Children age 7-12 (RM16) Disabled (RM8) and free for children age 6 and below.

How to get to the Islamic Civilization Park

For drivers, the location is marked on the map on my Top Terengganu Attractions page.

Details of bus and water taxi transportation are available here.

Islamic Civilization Park Convention Centre


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