Feng Shui in Malaysia

The practice of Feng Shui is widely observed by Malaysia’s Chinese population and is big business for its practitioners.

Literally translated as ‘wind and water’ it is an ancient art incorporating influences from astrology and geomancy and aims to assist man to live in harmony with the natural environment.

Feng Shui retailers sell things like cures, remedies, auspicious figurines, arts, protective amulets, books, stationery and jewellery. They also provide services like Feng Shui consultations for homes and office buildings, personalised Feng Shui analysis and fortune telling.

A Feng Shui master was asked in January 2020 by a Malaysian newspaper for the outlook for 2020. He predicted a stable year with strong wealth luck. However it seems he failed to forecast the small matter of Covid-19, showing that even masters are not infallible.

The World of Feng Shui's shop in MidValley Megamall.

Probably the best known Feng Shui business in Malaysia is World of Feng Shui which has outlets in many of the nations' top shopping malls. Their website provides advice on topics such as the best days for getting your hair cut, eating auspiciously, which lucky colours to wear next year and the do's and don't's for designing your office.

If Feng Shui is not your thing you could always consider Vasthu Sastra, the Indian equivalent which is observed by some of Malaysia’s Indian community.


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