Demonyms Used in Malaysia

Here is some Malaysia Traveller Trivia about demonyms used in Malaysia.

First of all what is a demonym? It is nothing to do with demons. It means the name given to people who live in a particular country, state or city.  Thus the demonym for Malaysia is Malaysians. The word was derived from the Greek word demos meaning populace together with the suffix onym meaning name.

The usual demonym for inhabitants of Kuala Lumpur is KL-ite, though I prefer to use Kuala Lumpan.

Elsewhere in Malaysia:

  • Kelantan – Kelantanese
  • Penang – Penangite
  • Perak – Perakian
  • Sarawak – Sarawakian
  • Labuan – Labuanin

What about new cities like Cyberjaya? Cybernauts perhaps?


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