Bujang Valley, Bukit Marut, Bumiputera, Bungalow,
Butterfly Parks

Here is some Malaysia Traveller Trivia about Bujang Valley, Bukit Marut, Bumiputera, Bungalow & Butterfly Parks.


This enchanting valley in Kedah is home to an archaeological museum exhibiting artefacts, collections and ancient ruins which evidence the existence of a thriving Hindu-Buddhist civilisation in this area from the 3rd to the 14th centuries AD.  Although Bujang Valley cannot compare with Angkor Wat or Borobodur, it is historically significant and well worth visiting. It is also free of charge and uncrowded.


This old hill station (formerly known as Maxwell Hill) near Taiping is said to be the wettest place in Malaysia with 98 inches of rain a year. It was named after the first Assistant British Resident of Perak, George Maxwell. Only a Scot could have chosen this damp place to build a hill resort!

The only way to get up the hill other than walking is by using Government owned Land Rover service. It takes about 30 minutes to negotiate the 72 hair-pin bends and reach the top station at 1036 metres above sea level. At the peak, when it is not raining, visitors can enjoy great views and cool fresh air.


The term bumiputera literally translates as ‘son of the soil’. Those Malaysians classified as bumiputera, (Malays and the indigenous natives of Sabah and Sarawak) enjoy a special position under the Federal Constitution.  Various affirmative action policies have been adopted such as a 7% discount on property transactions, quotas for higher education places and preference for government jobs. These measures were intended to improve the standard of living of Malays. They have succeeded in creating a Malay middle class but the issue of rural poverty among the Malays still remains. Needless to say, these policies have been controversial, particularly among those considered as non-bumiputeras such as the Chinese, Indian and other minority communities.


The word bungalow (banglo in Bahasa) can cause confusion for new arrivals in Malaysia if they come from Europe where the term refers to a single storey dwelling. In Malaysia a banglo is any detached house.

Other local property-related terms:

  • Landed Property refers to any property where the owner has title to the land it is built on, as opposed to apartments or condominiums where this is not the case.
  • Link House is a house with a common wall separating it from its neighbour. It can refer to a semi-detached house or a terraced house.


Malaysia has some of the most beautiful butterflies in the world including rarities such as the Raja Brooke Birdwing.

At last count, there were 6 butterfly parks in Malaysia:

  • KL Butterfly Park
  • Penang Butterfly Farm
  • Cameron Highlands Butterfly Farm
  • Melaka Butterfly Farm & Reptile Sanctuary
  • Kipandi Butterfly Park, Sabah
  • Poring Butterfly Farm, Sabah

The Malay word for butterfly is rama-rama.


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